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Wellness Box Swap 

Honestly Ombré are running a Wellness Swap Box Campaign bring a bit of cheer to those who are self-isolating, working from home and staying indoors during this uncertain time. 

How it works


If you're at home, missing social connection, or really need a pick me up (and a present along the way), join in our Wellness Box Swap Campaign! Please complete the registration form below and you will be partnered with another human to create a Wellness Box for. The box can be physical, or electronic based on whether or not you're self-isolating. 

We're keeping it simple...


1. Let us know you want to take part by completing the form below. 


2. Gather a couple of your favourite things to treat your swap partner. We're suggesting a cost of no more than £10 per box, the idea is to bring a smile rather than lots of expensive gifts!) 


3. Post your parcel to your partner by the date allocated in your sign up email (or if you're self-isolating, opt for all electronic gifts and we'll provide an email address instead!)


4. Receive a box (virtual or physical) back. Maybe make a new best friend. 


Not sure what to put in? Here are a few ideas to get you started...


A copy of your favourite book (or gift a link to a Kindle/ electronic version),  diary or a notepad and pen?, a playlist to dance around the living room to, a meditation book or online class, a gua sha tool to step up your skincare routine, a colouring book and pencils, a drawing challenge, a thumb stone to have something to do with your hands in those moments of worry, a poem, a suggestion of a TV series to binge watch, a favourite recipe, a greetings card introducing yourself (get creative and make one if you don't have any in the house!), a riddle to keep those brains sharp and don't forget a ribbon to tie it up!


Don't forget to thoroughly wash your hands before packing up your box if you opt for a physical package!


If you're feeling a little lonely whilst at home, sign up to our call program too and we'll call for a phone chat, just add it into your email. 


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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