Our Zodiac Crystal Kits have been thoughtfully curated to bring out the best in every sign. Perfect to give as a gift, or to harness your own star sign traits. 


These three crystals have been especially chosen for those born under the sign of Cancer and will support their unique personality traits.


Cancer (21st June - 22nd July)



Moonstone is the modern zodiac stone for Cancerians, and carries a powerful healing feminine vibration that encourages compassion for oneself and soothes self-doubt; perfect for Cancerians who have trouble feeling comfortable in their own skin. It is stone of self-expression, calming the emotional body and helping to harness natural intuition, vulnerability and creativity. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and so Moonstone provides stability during the full-moon.


Peruvian Opal

Pink Opal offers a reminder to care for yourself equally as much as you do for others. Pink Opal or Aura Stone as it is known, is both powerful and delicate at the same time, influencing peace and providing a gentle resolution for painful memories. Pink Opal can provide insight, rebalancing old patterns that are no longer working and enhance the emotional, spiritual and intellectual self.


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is an excellent crystal for boosting some of the best traits of people born under Cancer. It is a stone that amplifies compassion and kindness , as well as different types of unconditional love, including self-love and can help heal emotional wounds for Cancerian who feels everything.



3 x Gem Stones 

1 x Birthstone Card with info 

1 x Pouch 

Cancer Zodiac Crystal Set