Relax, restore, calm and heal the skin with the added benefit of CBD oil. 


A treat for the face, perfect for balancing uneven skin tone, pollution damage, redness and blemish breakouts. Reduces skin inflammation, repairs damage, nourishes and moisturises. 


CBD is short for cannabiodiol, and is found in the female compound of the hemp plant. Cannabinoids bind to special receptors in our cells that are part of the extensive endocannabinoid system found throughout the human body. This vast system of cell receptors have many functions, including controlling body functions including mood, cognition, movement, appetite, immune, response, sleep, ovulation and sperm development. 

CBD oil has a huge range of potential health benefits and uses, and it is particularly effective when applied topically, and when included in a facial, CBD's interaction with your natural endocannabinoid system can result in a number of benefits:

Reduced inflammation 

Reduced chronic pain 

Reduce and alleviate Arthritis

Alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression

Improve skin health 

Improve sleep disorders and insomnia

Improve metabolic issues and function 

Boost the immune system

In some cases support in prevention and alleviate chronic diseases


Unlike the well known THC compound found in the cannabis plant, the CBD compound  is non-psychoactive. CBD is completely legal and cannot get you ‘high’.


Packed in a recyclable packaging and biodegradable spun lace mask material, 100% natural and vegan.

CBD Oil Infused Sheet Mask


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