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Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing (Hardcover)


A fresh, simple and refreshing guide to crystals.


An essential guide for anyone wanting to learn more, enhance their knowledge, or get into crystals! This beautiful book includes: 
- The main traits of each crystal 
- Color variations
- Largest modern source(s)
- The Chakra(s) each crystal resonates to
- Special care recommendations e.g. impact of sunlight, and whether water exposure is safe for the stone 


About the Author

Yulia Van Doren is an award winning sound healer, and her work has received extensive international acclaim, including features by the New York Times, Financial Times and Huffington Post. Passionate about holistic wellness, Yulia launched Goldirocks, a modern crystal brand, via Instagram in 2015. With a unique focus on presenting crystal healing in a modern, accessible and relatable style, Goldirocks has rapidly risen in popularity to became one of the most visible crystal brands, with a loyal following of celebrities and holistic wellness gurus.

Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing (Hardcover)