These Facial rollers are not only beyond beautiful, but are an ancient and traditional form of facial massage, that stimulates lymphatic flow and circulation.


The lymphatic system is a key detoxification pathway, it transports and detoxes cellular waste; however due to our sedentary lifestyles and less movement, our bodies can benefit from assisted lymphatic drainage, to remove puffiness, inflammation, dullness and aid the cellular repair and regeneration process from the skin caused by poor drainage and circulation. 


Choose your roller based on the stone properties, or whichever one you're drawn to! 


Tigers Eye 

Tigers eye mirrors the Tiger and represents strength, power, confidence, intelligence, daring and following one’s own heart and head, no matter the odds.This is a stone about seeking out the horizon, knowing your mind and making your own, with unshakable self-confidence. It is a must-have if you’re looking for balance and harmony in your life, especially if you may be feeling like you’re losing control of one aspect of your life because you’re too busy dealing with another.




Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience. It is thought of mostly as a protective stone, it is linked to the crown chakra and is thought to help purify the mind and balancing of negative thoughts, stress and anxiety. The stone is also associated with abundance; therefore relieving stress while emanating prosperity. 


Rose Quartz 

The color of a rose and the ultimate symbol of love, Rose Quartz is strongly linked with compassion and unconditional love, it is one of the most popular crystal healing tools. It is used to enhance love of all kinds, including kindness for yourself, loved ones, and all living things. The Rose Quartz stone uses the energy of unconditional love to bring your consciousness to a higher level; its high frequencies will help you forgive by understanding situations from more positive perspectives. By opening and activating the heart chakra, the Rose Quartz stone can also help you recognize your capacity for compassion, improve relationships and allow you to let go of toxic energies and emotions that have become trapped inside of you. 


Keep in the fridge for extra refreshment and to close pores after a hot shower. 

Gem Stone Facial Rollers


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