Take care of your nails after you leave our salon with proper gel removal! We've developed our reusuable and refillable kits especially for safe gel removal at home.


Picking off gel polish can remove thin layers of nail, resulting in weaker nails that can be prone to breakages, so look after your nails and invest in a take off kit! Your nails will thank you for it. 



Eco Natural Cotton Bag 

Glass bottle of Acetone 

10 Piece of Foil 

1 Wooden Cuticle Pusher 

1 Buffer block  

4 x Cotton Wool Pads 


Directions for use:

Use the buffer block to buff the top layer of polish to break the seal and help the acetone soak through the polish. Soak a small piece of cotton wool in acetone, and place on the nail. Wrap the foil tightly around the finger. Wait for 10-15 minutes. Scrape off the gel with the cuticle stick and reapply as necessary. Wipe clean with cotton pads! Do not use excessive force on your nails to remove the gel, and definitely don't pick it off! When you've finished, buff the nails lightly and apply a nourishing cuticle oil or balm for hydration. 


Bring back your bottle for a top up of acetone! 

Gel Removal Kits