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Our sustainable cotton bags have been lovingly hand dyed using plants and teas. We like to call them Earth pigments! 


Botanical dyes are 100% natural, with none of the harmful chemicals used in traditional dying methods. Take it with you next time you go shopping and say no to plastic bags! 


The fast fashion industry accounts for water pollution, toxic chemicals, textile landfill, excessive use of natural resources, over-salinated water, soil contamination, threat to aquatic life, birth defects, unpaid/forced labour, child labour, health complications and disease. Cotton production accounts for 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of insecticides used world wide.


Each bag is hand tied and tea dyed to order - please expect variation in colour and design due to the natural methods used. They are perfectly imperfect! 


Care Instructions:

Cold wash on a delicate cycle with a mild detergent.

While it is highly unlikely that any dye material will stain another garment, it is advisable that you wash your garment by itself during the first few washes.

Natural dyes may fade gently over time or in direct sunlight, but hey - that adds to their charm.


Colours in image order: 

Scorched Earth

Baked Clay

Bleached Sands

Glacier Gray 

Amber Ocher 



100% Cotton Bag

Sustainable Cork Tag


Sustainable Cotton Tea Tied Tote Bag

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