Our Zodiac Crystal Kits have been thoughtfully curated to bring out the best in every sign. Perfect to give as a gift, or to harness your own star sign traits. 


These three crystals have been especially chosen for those born under the sign of Virgo and will support their unique personality traits.


Virgo ((23rd August - 22nd September)



Virgo energy can be wrapped up in the details of perfection. Amazonite is an earthy stone balancing the Virgo energy, helping to release obsessiveness and accept the unique character that comes from imperfection. This stone can empower the search of self and support discovery of truths and integrity. Amazonite can help move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation to help Virgo's live in alignment with their beliefs and values; providing the freedom to set clear boundaries when defining personal space.


Green Agate

Green Agate symbolises new beginnings and creation;  this is also what Virgo wants to do. Virgo energy wants to make something the best it can be or better. This earthy stone is the perfect grounding force for this witty and clever Earth sign, re-establishing it is okay to take a break from all that thinking.


Lapis Lazuli

Virgo is a sign that values truth, logic and virtuous conduct. Lapis Lazuli resonates with these qualities and can also help find stability in all types of relationships. This stone is also trusted to help put thoughts together and improve focus, to enforce the discipline of the mind, symbolising strength and protection.



3 x Gem Stones 

1 x Birthstone Card with info 

1 x Pouch 

Virgo Zodiac Crystal Set